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6 Promising Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

Today when the world is touting for the social media. We could drape ourselves into this Social Media Strategy that should actually work. If you had heard the name of Lee Odden, he is a classically trained marketer who cuts through the clutter of the pipes and tubes ingredients of the Internet marketing to concentrate on the content and customers. Inspired by the “Lightbulb” moments with Google engineers, he was impelled to think about Internet marketing and business in new and different ways. And we also now have to move Lee Odden’s way, to level our social media playing field with these new trends.
You know why are Reddit, Mashable, Quora, Medium and Buzzfeed very popular, They boost of increasing the content management, with such words like buzz, viral, gifs, memes, stickiness, and conversion which became the palatable bonanza for boosting the traffic and positioning the brand. And you can scotch yourself for these topics to increase the business.

So take these 6 Promising Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Strategy to attract your clients towards your brand :

• Social commonness
• Attractive prompts
• Stirring emotions
• Targeted audiences
• Generating Value
• Building interesting Stories

With these tools you can do the following:

Sharing cool and funny could make anyone feel good and intriguing. Social currency is based on social capital theory-generating something that has an educational value but keep people glue- A nuance idea but appealing and intriguing.

Social Media Strategy

There are three ways that can make people want to feel a need to share your brand among your peers and that’s:

• Finding out what’s so great about your brand
• Employing game strategies
• Making people feel like insiders.

Find the Viral Trend

Find a phenomenon that has a viral growing tendency. The best way to discover is to find about the well-known topics, stories that are current and trendy. For instance, it is obvious that the search term “summer fashion show 2018” will be on the top hottest new searches in 2018 but it will not be on the top in 2019. The same is true when we talk about the famous personalities. While in 2015, the name of the Donald Trump was at the top of the search engine, his position reached after “bitcoin”, the next year. Find what is trendy as people love to read what is hot and new.

Recognize the wonderful element about your brand?

It is so natural about people that when we come across something cool, exciting, or funny thing, we cannot wait to share it with others. You cannot bend it like Beckham always but you can modify your rules to make the branding intriguing for anyone who is interested. Even if your product is not remarkable as a blender, do not fret. Ask yourself what separates it from your competitor and what is your selling proposition? Keep that interesting element towards the front and center, so that people could feel more compelling to share it. Add that element of spice to your content like “amazing”, “new” or “secret”. A secret is to take the ideas for Quora questions that just burst with views, answers, and followers.

Share your content at the Right Time and in the Right Place

Post your content in a place that attracts. It should be posted in a place which catches the eyes of the reader. Short, crisp, sweet content in the info-graphic attract. The content should also be posted on the site where there are more social media profiles, mostly Twitter users. These are the places where you would like to consider sharing your content like:

• Reddit
• Quora
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google+
• LinkedIn
• Ly- info-graphic
• Forms, generally niche ones

Use Game Mechanics

Game mechanics engage the customers to your site and generate actions. Different type of scoring systems and different levels tell how well these mechanics are doing in contrast to others. This increases the competitive spirit and encourages us to be better than others. And this is what social currency is.

Create Lead Ads

Lead Ads are very impactful as they offer the best opportunity for leads to convert. First followers can easily see your article or picture you are sharing right blow “sign up bottom”. This solution is could be best for businesses, which cannot get businesses to their websites, but they have active followings on social media.
We can bet that social media conversion strategies generate the right kind of leads. Concentrate on quality and forget all about content, as 100 relevant leads are better than 1000 irrelevant types. And by the end of the day, the only quantity that should matter for you is the quantum of leads you intend to convert.


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