Boost your Website Ranking?

>Boost your Website Ranking?

How Sydney SEO Experts can help to boost your Website Ranking?

Top reasons why your website is going unnoticed?
Why my website traffic is plummeting?

A website is an indispensable element for any business to grow and flourish, whether it is a startup or a well-established brand. Your company is paying thousands of dollars for your website development along with writing appealing content to captivate visitors. Still, your website is ranking low in Google searches. You must be thinking, “I have applied every aspect related to SEO, then why is it still lacking.” Do you know why? The reason being SEO Tricks are much more intricate than what we actually think. Therefore, for your business to start generating leads, you must have a team of SEO experts that will attune to the latest digital marketing trends. You can also refer to- Great Advice about Lead Generation That Anyone Can Easily Follow

Sydney SEO Experts is one of the pioneer Digital Marketing Company with an exceptional record for delivering the best digital and online performances which will guarantee your success at a digital platform. As we clearly understand that your presence on a digital platform is very important for your brand. Hence, we have drafted some of the quick fixes which may help to solve some of the SEO issues instantly.

Fix these SEO issues to improve your Website rank in SERPs

A number of reasons compel any website rankings to drop down or getting unnoticed.

Your on-page optimization elements lack quality

It might happen that your website contains relevant content targeting desired keywords, still, it is ranking poorly. Such issues come across because of your poor on-page optimization tactics. There are many factors that you might fail to pay attention while for SEO to work effectively, these factors hold a great importance.
These include the title of your pages, XML sitemaps and how many keywords are present in your website without overstuffing them.

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Useful Tips

  • Make sure your website has fast loading speed.
  • Use different Meta tags such as H1, H2, and H3 to differentiate between your dominant and accessory keywords.
  • Use adjectives or adverbs in your title such as best, amazing, 2018. Along with this, you should have your title tag with your keyword.
  • Don’t forget to provide outlinks and internal links in your content
  • Use your existing relationships with any blogs or forums to promote your website.
  • Use different mediums such as Search Console to get an added insight on how your website is performing.
Not targeting appropriate keywords

 A keyword is just like a cartridge is to a printer. The printer works properly till it has an appropriate amount of ink, but if it is not refilled gradually, it will completely stop working. Rather than using vanity keywords, you must focus on using valuable or quality keywords. For example, an entrepreneur wants to sell Lakme lipsticks on different platforms. However, they are using lipstick as their primary keyword. This will drive their visitors to different sites.

Example 1

However, if they use a specific keyword like Lakme lipstick, their site will have more chances of conversion rates.

You should make a habit of writing content using the relevant keywords without stuffing them unnecessarily. Also, make sure to check keyword statistics on regular basis to update your website.

Poor Content Linking Practices

The algorithm used by Google relies mainly on two main factors. Firstly, whether the content is relevant to the searched keyword. This is mainly defined by the density of keywords, meta tags, on-page optimization elements.

Secondly, it depends on the type and number of links that you include in your content. If the link used is ranking lower than it won’t help to boost your website.

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Your website has been penalized

Also, Google is well acquainted with many black hat SEO practices to which it imposes either manual or algorithmic penalties which leads to website’s poor search ability.

Your website is at a disadvantage of being penalized if it is:

  • Hacked
  • Creating spam on different platforms
  • Is having a lot of manipulative links
  • Has content of no good value
Low-Quality Content

While featuring any content on your website, one must emphasize good quality content with unique titles and subheadings. Also, if you are writing short content, Google might skip some of the target keywords. However, if the length is around 1500 words while keeping in the account of its quality and keywords stuffing, then your website has higher chances of being getting noticed on the search engines. If your website is not ranking as per your inputs, review these factors and act wisely to improve your website ranking. Your online presence is very important for the growth of your business. We understand it takes many years to build a brand value in this era of competition. However, a single mistake can take away all your efforts and time that you have invested to build your brand. Allow Sydney SEO Experts to be a part of your brand and take benefits of the latest digital marketing strategies for your success.


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