Tips To Grow Your Local Business

>Tips To Grow Your Local Business

Learn These 8 Tips To Grow Your Local Business From Our Sydney SEO Specialists

Search engine optimization can be a powerful tool for a local business. Nine out of ten internet users use search engines to find information about local businesses. Suffice to say if your business doesn’t have an online presence and isn’t optimized for local search, you are definitely missing out on more than 75% of your potential customers.

Given these facts, we can clearly establish that any local business has much to benefit #6 Be game with optimizing online directories and citations from SEO services in Sydney. If you want to thrive out the competition keep in mind what we call are the three musketeers of SEO practices:

  1. Make sure to fully optimize your Google My Business account
  2. Stand out on what we call the world wild web!
  3. Keeping updating your website by improving on-page SEO

These may sound a bit overwhelming to you in the beginning, but trust us that holding on to these three pillars can win more than half the battles for you!

To make things simpler, here are 10 tried and tested tips and tricks that can help you navigate your online business through the realms of SEO.

#1 Be thorough with your internal linking structure

Internal linking is very important as it supports a website navigation. It can not only help you with website hierarchy and information architecture but also adds power and authority to your pages.

#2 Make sure you URL, Headers, Title Tags, Content & Meta Descriptions are optimized

With every new piece of content that you create you have an opportunity to be found on SERPs (search engine results page). Make sure your content is optimized and targets the right keywords with the right volume in the URL, meta description, title, and body.

#3 Make your content local

Always write to your users! As the big G gets smarter by the day keyword density isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to ranking on search engines. Always remember that Google takes user behavior to be the biggest factor in ranking websites. So hone your efforts and focus on creating content that your audience wants to view.

#4 Location pages are your friend

If you have multiple storefronts for your brick and mortar store then don’t shy away from location pages. These provide your website customers with promotions, visiting hours, transit and parking information, testimonials and so much more. Make sure you have a great About Us page.

#5 Keep in mind your business details

It is a great practice to keep important business information as crawlable HTML content on your website. Remember not to add info to images as they are not crawlable. The header and footer are a good place to start placing important info like name, address, phone number with area code.

#6 Be game with optimizing online directories and citations

Verify that your citations are consistent with data aggregators. Do remove any duplicate listings if you find them. A great idea here is to get credits from the Government to establish the authenticity of your website.

#7 Get authoritative and relevant inbound links

Every new inbound link tells Google that you are running a genuine business and have trusted users. You can generate these links through guest blog postings, sponsorships and partnerships.

#8 Be active in social media engagement and Google My Business

Search engines consider content shared on SM quite important these days. Start by carving out an exceptional Google My Business page, and share this on your social media handles. By doing this you can start aligning search and social together!

So those were the basics from our side! Our SEO company in Sydney can help you rank better and improve conversions!
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Learn These 8 Tips To Grow Your Local Business From Our Sydney SEO Specialists

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